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Chameleon FX Colour on

Coloured T-Shirts

Coloured fabric T-Shirts provide a challenge when

reproducing full colour images. The colour of the fabric

can significantly impact the colours of the inks when

applied, resulting in printed images that can be

dramatically different than the intended result.

We have a solution to answer this challenge! We are thrilled to be able to offer our ‘Chameleon FX

Colour’ process. This is the name we have given to the specialized method we use for printing on

coloured T-Shirts. Our special software factors in the colour of the T-Shirt when digitizing the

separations and also introduces white ink to print the T-Shirts. This results in screen printed images

that are much closer to the original design.

Unlike full colour offset printing on paper which uses a very fine dot pattern - usually 150 – 200 lines

per inch - full colour t-shirts are printed using a 55 line per inch dot pattern. The larger dot pattern

and the introduction of white ink allow the colours to blend together much better on the coloured

t-shirt fabric. The final printed result is what’s known in the industry as ‘PLEASING COLOUR’. Due to

the larger printed dot pattern, the colours and details will never be EXACTLY the same as the

original design, but they will still be pleasing to look at. For this same reason, exact pantone match is

not available when using the ‘Chameleon FX Colour’ printing method on t-shirts.

Actual photos of the Chameleon FX Colour process showing the same printed image on 2 different t-shirt background

colours. While subtle differences are apparent, our amazing Chameleon FX Colour process successfully creates a comparable

printed interpretation of the same image – even on such different backgrounds! You can anticipate similar, pleasing colour

results with your designs!

Chameleon FX Colour on yellow t-shirt.

Chameleon FX Colour on blue t-shirt.